we made it

produced by MiiiKXy



okay listen i aint really mean to cause no problems

grinding out my sorrow into little bity columns

red all in my eyes someone blow that shit away

i got plants to seed, need more weed, and my bills paid

i look for ways to have the game in total domination

but my day job got me stuck with only 18 day vacation

thought my life be where i wanted when i released motivation

thought i wouldn’t make the move instead i’d make the dream and then scream



we made it. my nigga we made it

all my aunts and uncles, cousins to can say that we made it

i got plans to help my city so they say that we made it

we made it. we made it



we made it. that big house that we stay in

one from my mama dream and why pop wanted cream

mama no longer waiting imma go on creating

i’ve got plants to seed, you got needs, and your bills paid



i’ll become unstoppable

they’ll say no one as hot as you

they’ll say that he the best alive

young x, that fye, real nigga

always tryna play house with some field niggas

now you playing house with a bill nigga rocking Hilfiger

i got real niggas - real shooter niggas who would kill for it

i got drugs nigga - real drugs nigga and a bill for it

gave af - why give a fuck when you got a pill for it?

i’m going ham not no pork for it!

i plan to go to New York for it!

front page Pitchfork for it !

i’m tryna make the top pick on your list!

how these other niggas up there what i miss?

i know that i’ve been in the books and offices

still i’m tryna make the top pick on your list

every fucking weekend in the closet making hits

still i’m tryna make the top pick on your list

bruh don’t forget that i got niggas hailing in the 336

i got niggas in the nawf off the strip that i wanna put on when a nigga say that we made it

we made it. we made it.